10 ChatGPT tools to make you more Productive!

10 ChatGPT tools to make you more Productive!

To get the most out of AI, you should try out these 10 ChatGPT add-ons that will blow your mind.

1. Web Chat GPT

What - Makes search results in Google better.

The first and, by far, one of the most exciting ChatGPT add-ons would be this little chrome extension called Web Chat GPT.

Next to your search results, you'll find ChatGPT's answer.

This extension makes your search engine results in Google more exciting and clear. It basically lives next to the search results and gives you ChatGPT’s answers alongside the answers you’ll find in Google.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t give you biased answers based on ad revenue, like the ones in Google, and thus I’ll generally find these answers often more honest and valuable.

Go check it out in Chrome’s Web Store!

2. Phind

What? - AI search Engine for instant answers.

However, that being said, there’s actually a search engine that’s even better and smarter than using the Chat GPT add-on in Google search results.

Phind gives you a detailed answer + search results on the right.

It’s called Phind, and it’s an AI search Engine for instant answers. Based on your question, it will provide you with search results on the right side of your screen, but what makes Phind different than searching with Google is that it also provides you with a clever and convenient summary for the answer to your question on the left.

And the best thing about this AI is that you can also ask a follow-up question based on that answer.

Go check it out at Phind.com!

3. ChatGPT writer for Email

What - Add-on for Gmail that’ll save you hours of writing!

The third add-on would be ChatGPT writer for Email.

It'll write the answers for you!

This add-on will literally save you hours of writing your emails because it will write them for you. It’s like your personal email assistant, which is something we can all use, right? It works really well with its native integration in Gmail and automatically generates these quick replies just by using a few prompts.

The more you write, the more it’ll understand and learn your tone of voice, making replying to your emails so much easier.

Check it out at ChatGPTwriter.ai

4. Merlin

What - Get ChatGPT-like responses on all of your favorite sites!

Tool number 4 would be Merlin’s Chrome and Firefox extension to get ChatGPTt-like responses on all of your favorite sites like Twitter!

Automatically generate replies on Twitter!

It works really easily: you simply go to your favorite website, select any of the content like, for example, a question, reply, or tweet, you click command + M on Mac or Control + M on Windows to open up Merlin, you then simply create a reply, a summary, or any of the available options to make it shorter or add more fun to it.

Check it out at GetMerlin.in or in Chrome's Web Store.

5. Perplexity

What - Short but to-the-point answers!

Tool number 5 would be Perplexity, not an add-on to ChatGPT, but more like an alternative, which I sometimes very much enjoy.

It’s basically ChatPGT without all the clutter. You ask a question, and Perplexity gives you a short but to-the-point answer, which can sometimes be very helpful and even a relief if you compare it to the answers ChatGPT provides.

One thing I love about this tool is that it also gives you these related questions and answers, which make perfect sense as a follow-up search.

Go check it out at: Perplexity.ai.

6. YouTube Summary ChatGPT

What - Get the transcript and summaries of hour-long YouTube videos!

Well, the next tool isn’t good for my YouTube business, but it’s freaking awesome.

Generate transcripts and summaries of YouTube videos :)

It’s called YouTube Summary ChatGPT, and it’s basically an extension to save you hours of time watching YouTube, which sometimes can be very convenient if you need to consume long videos. YouTube Summary ChatGPT automatically generates a transcript and a quick summary instead of actually having to watch the whole thing.

Check it out in Chrome’s Web Store.

7. Jasper

What - Quickly generate reports, blog posts, social media captions, etc.

Tool number 7 is called Jasper which can create social media captions or even video scripts for YouTube.

But you can also use Jasper’s AI to generate ads with excellent ad copy with unique angles to drive more eyeballs to the ad itself.

However, one of the best features of Jasper AI I’ve encountered is the ability to generate SEO-optimized blog posts. So literally, the only thing you have to do is give Jasper some form of input, like, for example, your keywords and tone of voice, and it automatically generates a uniquely written and SEO-optimized blog post.

Check them out at Jasper.ai to try a thousand words for free!

8. Notion's AI

What - Productivity assistant for managing tasks in Notion.

Tool number 8 is my personal favorite, as I use it daily.

It’s called Notion AI, and it’s part of the software Notion.

If you’re unfamiliar with Notion, I highly recommend checking it out, I’ve created multiple videos about Notion on my channel, and you can start a free trial here.

Notion’s AI is a fantastic add-on within Notion which makes it possible to use AI on your content and tasks as well. I use it to generate new ideas, translate content into other languages, or even create new Tweets.

Again, feel free to start your free trial with Notion.

9. Snipd

What - Quickly summarizing podcast episodes.

Tool number 9 is called Snipd.

It’s an extension I recently discovered, and it couldn't be more helpful since I’m a big podcast lover and I like to listen to good conversations on podcast shows, but they can often be very long.

On top of that, I like to listen to podcasts while driving or when I take myself for a run, which makes taking notes simply impossible.

With Snipd, however, you can generate summaries from hour-long podcasts and save them as highlights so you can always find them back later.

Check them out at Snipd.com.

10. Superhuman AI

What - an AI-based tool for quickly and accurately consolidating emails.

The last one, number 10, would be Superhuman AI which takes writing emails to the next level.

Superhuman is a stand-alone email app with many great features, such as convenient shortcuts and more. Among those features, there's an AI that makes it super easy to work with prompts to handle your email even more efficiently.

Check it out at Superhuman.com.

Stay Productive! 🫵