How to build anything in Notion (give your Notion superpowers!)

If you're using Notion, you should definitely check out these tools that will make working in Notion even more efficient!

How to build anything in Notion (give your Notion superpowers!)

If you are currently working in Notion and you do NOT use these tools, you are missing out on something! :)

TLDR: Watch my in-depth video!

Because of Notion’s great community, people are building all kinds of third-party tools that make working in Notion much easier than you’re currently doing.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish using Notion with these tools.

You can build:

  • Your own website
  • Craft and schedule your tweets
  • Creating and sending invoice PDFs
  • Automate your manual tasks.

All within Notion with the help of these tools: literally converts your Notion pages into a completely functional website.

Create your site in Notion and publish it on the web!

You design your site and structure and write all of your content in Notion and with the help of, it’ll convert all of this into this beautiful web page.

The best thing about it is that you keep on managing your site in your Notion.

So, if you were to change some of your text on your site, you simply go to your Notion, change the text, and update it through the integration, and it’ll be automatically updated on the live site.

There are a couple of live examples you can check out on their site, and, honestly, they all look really, really good!

An example site, built with the help of!


You can start with a free plan, which will host your site on a domain.

If you want your custom domain and a couple of neat features, you can go for the 12-dollar plan, which is in the range of a Squarespace site, for example.


I've managed to get a deal for you!

Use the code 'STRIVES4' for a $4 discount on their paid plans! :) is a Twitter scheduling tool for Notion.

Wait, what

Yes :) Awesome, right?!

With you can write and publish your Tweets in Notion!

With the help of, you can write your tweets in Notion and publish them directly on Twitter.

It even lets you create and publish threads, something I still don’t see in many of the current Twitter scheduling software out there:

Create threads in Notion!

What I like about it is that I do manage my Twitter content already in Notion, but now, with the help of, I can even tweet from out my Notion!

So basically, I can write, publish and manage all of my tweets from one single place.


It’s free up to 10 tweets a month!

If you want to tweet unlimited, there’s a 9-dollar plan, which is competitive with other Twitter scheduling tools like Buffer.


If you want to create, manage, and send your invoice from your Notion, is what you're looking for!

It is as straightforward as you think…

Create invoices in Notion!

It works really well:

  • You create an invoice in your Notion database
  • You then generate the invoice in NotionInvoice
  • You preview the invoice
  • And if everything is good, you can create and send it directly to your customer.

The fun part is that everything you change in your Notion database, like, for example, the status of an invoice, will be reflected on the invoice itself.


Now, if you only send a couple of invoices a month, it’s free up to 5 invoices.

Otherwise, you can use it for 10 dollars a month, which is cheaper than most invoice tools out there.


Using the code 'STRIVES' you'll get a 25% discount on their monthly or yearly subscription.

One of my favorite tools I discovered in 2022 is

It’s basically an all-in-one tasks automation for a wide range of tools, but let's dive into their Notion integration.

With Bardeen, you can create workflows for Notion.

With the help of, you can create workflows, like for example, convert all of the data from a Twitter profile to a Notion page.

This easily saves you minutes, if not hours per task.


You can start a free trial with lots of space to set up a few workflows.


With TaskRobin, you can save emails to your Notion and make them actionable.

Save your emails to Notion and add tags, assignments, and more!

Using TaskRobin, you’ll get an excellent overview of all of your emails that need some work.

You can:

  • Create different views (like columns or even a timeline)
  • Add statuses
  • Add notes
  • Assign team members
  • And more!

This way, you can actually manage your emails properly and efficiently.

TaskRobin integrates with all the major email clients, and it even lets you save attachments to your Notion as well.

What I love about it the most is that you can add tags for structure and labels for prioritization, something I often miss when working in Gmail.


It starts with a plan of just $4,99 per month, which is fairly cheaper than most other email managing tools like Front which are often built for larger teams.

Give your Notion superpowers!

I hope these tools can help you work even more productively in Notion.

Give them a shot! :)