How I'm going to grow my podcast in 2023 - & how you can too!

If you want to grow and monetize your podcast in 2023, here's my plan and strategy to scale mine.

How I'm going to grow my podcast in 2023 - & how you can too!

I’ve been podcasting for over 2 years, mainly for the SaaS Pirates Podcast, where I’m interviewing founders from the SaaS space. I'm doing this in both audio and video, and there are things I'm doing well, but there are a couple of things I'm doing wrong which is holding back growth.

In 2023, this needs to change.

It's time to go all-in with a proper podcast growth strategy!

I earned over $5,000 with Podcasting

In 2022, I gained a decent audience size, and I earned over $5,000 in selling sponsorships for the episodes, although the numbers of downloads per episode aren't that high:

This was mainly possible because of the fact I'm operating in a real niche (the SaaS space). This makes it interesting, even with not-so-high numbers, for advertisers to promote their products.

What I'm doing right

So, there are definitely some things I did right for growing (and monetizing) my podcast show.

Here are the things that worked and I'd recommend if you were to start a podcast:

Tip #1: Pick a good niche!

Tip #2: Pick the right software ( lets you record in audio and video)

Tip #3: Build an audience (too many shows don't have Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube - which is a bad thing, I mean, people want to tag and follow you!)

Tip #4: Use your and your guest's social following: if you're doing interviews, make sure to share the episode on social media and tag the person you've interviewed. Every re-share is an opportunity for new listeners.

Tip #5: Invest in your brand. Ensure the name, brand, and format are on point with your desired target audience. Before you start, do extensive research.

What I'm doing WRONG!

Now, while there is certainly growth, there's one big issue I need to work on.

Look, my podcast show is a side business of mine. I'm running a startup called Upvoty, and I'm doing YouTube, but here's exactly the first thing I need to change:

❌ I need to stop looking at my podcast show as a side business.

I mean, this basically says it all:

Look at the dates...

I'm inconsistent AF 😅

This is unfair.

Unfair to my listeners. Unfair to my guests. Unfair to my sponsor. Unfair to me.

The thing is, I really enjoy meeting these people and doing interviews. And if I'm going all-in, I can grow it into one of the biggest shows within my space and, on top of that, make a decent amount of revenue.

😁 Fun x 😍 Valuable x 💰 Making Money = a big win, right?

Enter: The Growth Strategy for 2023

So, I sat down with pen and paper and I started to think about how to grow my podcast to new heights in 2023. I talked to expert friends in the field, did extensive research online (watched hours of YouTube videos!), and here are the things I came up with:

#1: Be more consistent: publish 1 episode per week

#2: Do more outreach: a simple tweet to a potential guest can do miracles

#3: Invest more in video using share clips on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

#4: Dive more into analytics and optimize for SEO (again, using

#5: Attract big names: I've established a pretty great and well-known show by now. It's time to get some whales on board.

#6: Guest posts: there are blog sites in my niche that can write about my show if I'm willing to share my experiences or bring some kind of value to their audience.

#7: Reviews: in order to grow in the charts of the podcast apps, I need to gather more reviews. Up to this point, I really didn't care, but in 2023, I'm going to ask and incentivize.

#8: Start a blog myself: I need to be smart with SEO.

#9: Ask for backlinks: one cool strategy I came across is asking the guests if they are willing to link to the episode on their blog. This will result in more credibility, traffic, and growth of my audience. It also contributes, especially if it's a well-known person or brand, to convince other big players in the space to join.

#10: Ads: potentially, I might even try ads by promoting my show on other people's shows.

#11: Directories: I added this option after I published my tweet, and the very kind owner of the Bootstrapped Podcast decided to feature my show on his site. This is actually a very good strategy to get new listeners: ask your podcast to be featured on directories! :)

So, hopefully, this answers your question "How can I grow my podcast in 2023?".

At least, it did the trick for me.

Or, am I missing out on something?

Hit me up @mikestrives! :)

Stay productive! 🫵