How I'm planning to grow on Twitter in 2023

How I'm planning to grow on Twitter in 2023

I never really spend much time thinking about my Twitter strategy. I was always much more into Instagram and YouTube.


However, if I'm being completely honest, Twitter is, by far, the platform I enjoy the most in terms of instant value, motivation, inspiration, and - above all - building relationships.

What I'm not going to do

One of the things I considered was researching other and bigger accounts and replicating what they're doing. But I quickly realized that would be just plain stupid. Not because of "stealing" their ideas, I mean, everyone does it, and that's ok, but moreover: They're at a different stage of building their personal brand and audience.

Conclusion: In my stage, I need to consider different options and strategies.

The strategies I AM going to use.

I've read somewhere about the theory of 'Casual Tweets' vs. 'Value Tweets.' This is something I very much believe in, given the fact I enjoy both types of tweets myself.

Looking at Twitter, to me, it's certainly not just a medium to complain about other companies and people. To me, it's an endless universe of knowledge.

And in this universe, everyone has a place to share what fits their own personal brand. It's up to its followers if they want to follow and keep continue following them.

And that makes this concept of 'Value tweets' vs. 'Casual Tweets' so interesting.

I had some 'Casual Tweets' performing (relatively - I'm a small account) well:

And, in general, I had even more "success" with 'Value tweets' like this one:

But above all, sharing my "building in public" journey led to the most likes:

These kinds of tweets always result in something like this:

PS: Scheduling these tweets via Hypefure! 👀

But... does this mean I should just only focus on tweeting this kind of stuff? In other words, should I entirely focus on tweeting out 'Value Tweets'?

Here's where I got stuck and decided to sit down and REALLY think through my Twitter strategy, and I asked myself one single question:

"What do I want to accomplish on Twitter?"

After thinking about it for a moment, it's simple.

I aim to build a trustworthy personal brand to help people build their own online businesses.

So, how do I want people to see me when visiting my profile?

The Short-term goal: I want people to see that I'm genuinely helpful by sharing my most important lessons in order for them to learn how to build their own online businesses.

And while this is certainly a goal of mine, I do think the long-term goal is much more important to me as my goal is to build a personal brand for myself:

The Long-term goal: Make people feel part of my life and journey.

So, my choice won't be a 'Value Tweets for followers and likes' v.s. 'Casual Tweet.' I need both. In both, there's value and a deeper connection. The value tweet shares immediate value, while the casual tweet gives context.

My Twitter dashboard - something I'll be looking at more often ;)

Attract and keep on providing

So, my conclusion is I need both. Not only for growing my audience and obtaining a loyal follower base but maybe, above all, to make it enjoyable for me too.

The ultimate strategy will be:

Attract eyeballs and make them wanna stay.

The tools I'll be using:

Let's see how it'll work out in the upcoming months :)